Brown & Root’s turnaround execution team has been delivering excellence for many decades. Our integrated execution teams have many years of experience in working safely, efficiently, and delivering the highest quality. Each team that we deploy is led by an experienced and trusted group of project leaders who have a following of selected team members that we are confident will deliver the turn-key results that we are known for!

As a proven turnaround (TAR) preferred provider, Brown & Root assembles teams whose total objective is to deliver the complete range of planning and scheduling assistance that is required to assure efficient and effective turnaround execution. These teams combine experience with a set of tools refined by a half century of commitment to turnaround excellence. The result – successful turnarounds that are executed safely, on time and within budget.

Turnaround Mechanical work includes exchanger and bundle extracting service, tower repairs and modifications, vessel and drum modifications, tray service and re-certification, heaters, furnaces, boiler modifications, piping installations and replacements.  Mechanical Capital scope for the Turnaround Group would be equipment setting, heater/furnace/boiler field erection, pipe installation, structural steel erection, and rotating equipment/pump installation. Our uncompromising commitment to excellence, safety, and quality has earned us the status as a “contractor of choice” for many years among the biggest clients in the industry with work history nationally and internationally.

Our extensive direct-hire construction and turnaround experience and deep understanding of Brown & Root’s tools, systems and approach to project execution reduces risk, controls cost and ensures certainty of outcome for any project.

Our turnaround capabilities include:

Code Repair Services (P.V., piping relief devices) – ASME, API 

As a major full-services industrial contractor, Brown & Root offers expertise and company programs, policies, and experience. Our quality program covers a broad range of industrial activities that we have successfully applied throughout North America. Brown & Root is capable of performing fabrication, repairs and modifications to boilers, pressure vessels, piping, and tanks all within ASME, NBIC, and API standards.

Small Capital & Turnaround Support

Brown & Root has the capability to provide additional staffing to any site on short notice. As part of our ongoing projects, Brown & Root provides emergency and scheduled turnaround/shutdown services as required by the operating facility. The service may require move-in and move-out of typically large numbers of craft labor, supervision, and staff personnel to augment the existing workforce.  Brown & Root has the capability to provide the management, supervision, craft labor, tools, equipment, and processes to support any size shutdown and turnaround.

Brown & Root’s turnaround group services the refining, chemical, power, and pulp and paper industries with subject matter expertise.  We understand the importance of a well-organized, planned, and scheduled turnaround.  As such, we are committed to implementing innovative strategies to control and forecast the work from summary level to detailed levels that allow for optimization of duration and safeguards of personnel.

Performance Based Contracting (KPIs) 

Brown & Root is constantly seeking to be proactive in our service delivery, reduce the cost of delivering these services to our customers, and continue to improve performance and add value. Our philosophy is based on the belief that unless we measure performance, we will not accurately be able to manage work activities. We establish performance baselines for each Key Performance Indicator (KPI), reach alignment on the area of importance, formulate and implement improvement plans, and measure the results of the actions over time. 

Application of Technology & Innovation 

The Application of Technology & Innovation are at the forefront of our business. Brown & Root is focused on leveraging technology to expand and advance the service offerings we provide to our clients. As a part of our digital work process initiative, we have deployed mobile devices to many of our front-line supervisors and are also investing in predictive data analytics and virtual reality technology to enhance our safety and technical training programs.

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