Industry Technology and Specialty Materials
Client Celanese Corporation
Location Multi-Site (North America)

Brown & Root is pleased to provide a wide range of ongoing industrial services as a contractor to subsidiaries of Celanese Corporation (Celanese, NYSE: CE), a global chemical leader in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications.

Through Brown & Root’s rich execution timeline, we have a long history of designing and engineering at many Celanese facilities that are operational today. All Brown & Root business lines are engaged in supporting ongoing industrial services needs throughout many of Celanese’s facilities in North America. Our teams take pride in supporting many facets of Celanese maintenance, engineering, construction, turnaround and specialty services projects and have implemented service consolidation efforts and many best practices/processes that are yielding ongoing safety, productivity and quality improvements.

Brown & Root’s partnership with Celanese includes full turnkey services where we deliver:

  • Design & Engineering services
  • Construction support on both large and small projects
  • Turnaround and Specialty Welding Services
  • Cooling Tower Inspection and Repair Services
  • Specialty Services Support, (including provision of scaffolding material/services, and insulation material)

Through our Maintenance business line, we support a large volume of core activities, including:

  • Mechanical and Electrical maintenance support such as planning, scheduling, maintenance workflow optimization, and continuous improvement processes in preventive, predictive and reactive maintenance.
  • Execution of small and mid-capital projects.
  • Production support (shipping/receiving), including around-the-clock finished product (in various forms such as solids, liquids, etc.), shipping via rail cars and tanker trucks. 
  • High pressure tank and rail car cleaning.
  • Barge dock maintenance.

Major Accomplishments

  • Our teams are proud of our ability to execute millions of hours each year with optimal safety performance.
  • Implementation of a growing number of housekeeping and productivity practices (5S programs) that are yielding excellent results in our ongoing performance.
  • Continuous monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) utilizing business intelligence tools that are relevant to work scope.
  • Full-Service emergency response travel trailers management that are at the ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. These trailers are used to support Celanese employees and their families during a natural disaster or other emergency incidents in the communities that are close to Celanese’s facilities throughout North America.
  • Avid promotion of various employee skills assessment, training, and development programs and processes at Celanese facilities.
  • Concerted focus on diversity and sustainability as we monitor and track our initiatives through every service we provide. We are proud to be partnered with Celanese in many community and industry engagement activities and sustainability efforts at the sites where we execute.

Brown & Root is also honored to have been named by Celanese for various industry association awards.

By leveraging our multi-business line integration, we provide proven execution and cost synergies, including the implementation of proven processes, sharing lesson learned and best practices.

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