Full-Scope Maintenance Provider 

Brown & Root delivers all aspects of industrial maintenance, from planning and scheduling to preventive and predictive maintenance, supplemental and total maintenance, capital projects, specialty field services, including instrumentation & electrical, turnarounds, and boiler & furnace repairs. Since signing our first maintenance contract in 1949, Brown & Root has been a leading global supplier of on-site operations, maintenance, capital construction, and turnaround services to the petrochemical, refining, pulp & paper, manufacturing, and energy industries.  

In the process, Brown & Root has developed and refined highly effective systems, processes, and procedures, forging strong relationships with our customers that help them achieve peak performance for their valuable assets — and take their facilities to world-class performing status.  

Through other full-service offerings, Brown & Root also provides comprehensive engineering, procurement, construction management, module fabrication, tool, and supply capabilities as well as direct-hire major construction. All of these services are readily available to support the requirements of our ongoing sites and meet the needs of our customers.

Total & Supplemental Maintenance  

Well-maintained facilities are paramount to achieving high productivity and unparalleled safety records. Our high standards of excellence offer customers greater returns while generating additional cost savings. We have been providing integrated maintenance management systems, so customers can spend more time focusing on core business to stay competitive, for over 70 years. 

  • Safety Excellence
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Management Expertise
  • Structured Training Programs
  • Responsiveness and Flexibility
  • Systems and Technology Expertise
  • Planning and Scheduling Procedures
  • Productivity Improvement Systems
  • Quality Enhancement Methods
  • Innovative Techniques and Processes

Our teams implement many practices that reduce maintenance costs, maximize plant reliability, and maintain the highest safety and quality standards. Brown & Root’s supplemental/total maintenance support services provides customers with highly skilled craft employees that are available from Brown & Root’s vast reservoir of experienced staff. We pride ourselves on the ability to meet our customers’ immediate needs by providing qualified candidates quickly and seamlessly. 

Full-Service Reliability Programs

Brown & Root’s commitment to an asset management philosophy for our maintenance business helps ensure that customers optimize value from their maintenance operations. We provide turn-key or collaborative solutions to supplement our core maintenance execution practices.

Our Capabilities Include

  • Maintenance Assessments & Benchmarking
  • Equipment Criticality Ranking
  • Asset Maintenance Strategy Development
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Services
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Work Sampling, or Wrench Time Studies
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Facilitation
  • Reliability System Modeling

Operations Support

Brown & Root ensures that our operations leaders (Project Managers/Operations Managers) are highly visible to our customers, with a focused mission of supporting our site leaders, site teams, and customers. We understand the importance of having an operations manager who serves as the primary point of contact with our clients and therefore ensure we have dedicated and responsive coverage to support.

Planning & Scheduling

Brown & Root believes in a collaborative approach to efficient planning and scheduling to optimize maintenance and operations support activities of an industrial facilities. All planning/scheduling personnel, along with site management and frontline supervision, are actively engaged in each phase of the planning process. This promotes a sense of ownership and accountability that enables supervisors to communicate the plan to team members and drive efficient execution of the work.

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