Brown & Root has extensive experience in project development, permitting, commercial and execution planning and strategies, and project finance to support developers, lenders, and operating companies to assess and, where possible, reduce project risks.  

Early in project development, we help to identify and assess possible risks, liabilities, or non-compliance issues that our customers may face. Identifying these early flaws reduces future soft costs and allows our customers to focus on the best options to achieve project goals. 

Brown & Root has broad project expertise to guide our customers through the complicated steps that may be encountered when developing each project. 

In addition to guiding our customers through early project development, our technical professionals manage the whole process of project commercial and execution strategy, solicitation, management, and oversight throughout the project life cycle. 

Drawing on Brown & Root’s rich history of execution experience, our customers receive objective advice and support during the project to facilitate decision-making, driving the search for the most efficient alternatives to support the project budget and schedule.

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