The effects of a storm or other disaster can be devastating. In the aftermath, you will need immediate help from a contractor that has the proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently. Brown and Root’s full portfolio of emergency response services provides our customers with the necessary support to quickly address their needs. 

Brown & Root has provided support for many disasters throughout the United States, including chemical and refinery fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. These disasters have devastated not only the industrial facilities that we work in every day but also the properties and lives of the employees that work in these facilities. As a company based in the Gulf Coast (Louisiana and Texas), we have supported our customers, employees, and communities through the post-disaster recovery process.  

We have extensive experience with the ability to quickly respond, regardless of the geographical location. With our nationwide vendor and supplier agreements, we can quickly mobilize the proper equipment needed to facilitate clean-ups and rebuilds. Our regional labor forces are onsite within hours or days, as necessary, to assess and plan the safe execution of recovery. 

Brown & Root is prepared to support your company and employees before, during, and after any unfortunate event. We are your support team 24/7 until full recovery is complete.

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