Clean Energy 

Our mission to ‘Build the Future’ includes ensuring we build a sustainable future for future generations. We are committed to being the premier service provider for clean energy projects, energy transition facilities, and other important projects within the biomass, biogas, biodiesel, hydrogen, ammonia, lithium, and other industries.   

Brown & Root pledges to support customers in reducing carbon emissions and advancing the design, construction, and maintenance of clean energy facilities and projects. 

Biodiesel & Alternative Fuels 

With a deep portfolio of biodiesel and renewable fuel project experience, Brown & Root offers a strategic advantage to customers building and maintaining their alternative fuel facilities. We have successfully completed construction of renewable fuel facilities ahead of schedule, while meeting the strictest low-carbon  emissions standards.  


Brown & Root is a leading contractor in the lithium refining industry. We have the ability to support design, capital construction, and maintenance projects associated with the production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide, lithium bromide, lithium chloride, USP-grade lithium carbonate, high purity lithium carbonate, battery grade lithium metal products, and lithium alloy powders, as well as pharmaceutical products. In addition to the lithium refining process, we frequently support our customers in spodumene mining operations and in research and development facilities. 

Biogas & Renewable Nature Gas (RNG) 

Within the clean energy industry, anaerobic digesters provide the opportunity to breakdown organic matter in an anaerobic environment, subsequently producing alternative energy sources. Brown & Root has the experience to build digesters in a variety of environments including dairy farms. 

We also specialize in the construction of landfill facilities looking to capture, treat, and process landfill gases. In our pledge to support clean energy projects, we are proud to help advance the production of renewable natural gas (RNG) and biogas. 

Utilizing our estimating services.


At Brown & Root, we are continuously seeking ways to implement practical technology and innovative solutions that improve the safety, quality, and productivity of our services. Many of the solutions that we implement are customized to the unique needs of the project or site. The solutions we have implemented are ever-evolving, however major technology/innovation programs that we utilize include: 

  • Connected Worker Programs designed to empower our workforce to work safer, smarter, and more efficiently. 
  • Point Solutions that rapidly deliver results, including wearable technology and service offerings such as precision and laser scanning services. 
  • Data Analytics that ensures project stakeholders have the right information, in the right place, at the right time; including predictive condition monitoring programs. 
  • Virtual Applications that deliver augmented and virtual reality training for our employees and projects. 

We are constantly evaluating new applications for innovation and technology across our project portfolio and we look forward to the many exciting technology/innovation improvements that we will continue to deploy! 

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