As a full-service coatings provider, Brown & Root performs both shop and field blasting, painting, and coating services to facilities and projects in the industrial market. Our team includes multiple NACE-certified inspectors who verify that work is performed safely and with the utmost quality while leveraging decades of experience to navigate even the most challenging of scenarios.   

Shop Work 

Our extensive covered indoor shop space is equipped with conventional and robotic abrasive blasting capabilities to deliver results on every project that we execute.  

Field Work 

Within the field, Brown & Root provides field blasting services including power tool preparation, utilization of dry or wet blast rigs, and application of spray or brush and roll techniques for single and multi-coat paint systems.  


Concrete Coatings 

We specialize in the application of industrial secondary containment lining systems on concrete surface areas. Our coatings experts leverage their experience to navigate the challenges that chemical resistance poses, providing customers with successful containment and concrete reinforcement.  

Tank Coatings & Linings 

Our experience in tank coating and lining systems helps us provide protection and high performance for storage tanks and vessels in the energy transition, alternative fuels, refining, petrochemical, midstream, terminal, and many other industries. We work with customers to determine the best lining system for each tank and vessel with the ability to handle the most challenging or caustic projects.  

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

When corrosion under insulation arises, Brown & Root leverages its full-service turn-key model to safely and quickly remedy corrosion. We provide turn-key scaffolding for our insulation personnel to remove damaged insulation prior to surface preparation and coating application by our coatings personnel. Once the corrosion is remedied and properly coated, we re-insulate the area using products and materials that are known to prevent the same CUI problems from arising.

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