Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion is integrated into Brown & Root’s mission, values, culture, and operations. We continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees.  

Brown & Root does more than simply track the diversity of our workforce. We actively foster initiatives that increase and celebrate the diversity within our workforce. 


From our front-line, to our executive leadership, we establish and follow diversity organizational priorities, which include succession planning and diversity/inclusion training.

Talent Management

Our efforts include removal of barriers for applicants with impairments or language differences, increasing the diversity of our applicant pool through increased connections with diverse educational and trade schools, and training within our workforce to complete elimination of bias/interview skills training courses. 

Employee Development

We create opportunities for career growth for our team. This includes cross-training programs for employees to acquire skills outside their primary functional areas, established mentorship programs, and Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Training program (designed to train and equip talent at all levels of diverse employees). 

Employee Engagement

Through our diversity and inclusion committees, we actively recruit employees to lead and assist in various initiatives. We hold events designed to introduce employees, service offerings, and divisions across various Brown & Root offices that promote the diversity and unique talents of our workforce.

Community Involvement

We partner with many local trade schools and high schools to promote career paths within Brown & Root. Our teams work with key suppliers and subcontractors to increase the diversity of our partnerships. The Brown & Root Foundation partners with many organizations to foster an active presence in the communities where we work and live. 

Brown & Root’s goal is to maintain a work environment where every employee feels valued. We strive to acknowledge and celebrate the unique differences we each bring to the table that contribute to our organization’s culture and business outcomes. We seek to promote the fair treatment of employees regardless of their differences - making sure we provide equal opportunities and equal pay within an accepting company culture.  


Founded in 2020, Brown & Root’s BuildHER program is committed to supporting and promoting career opportunities for women in construction and industrial services. The BuildHER program aims to train, mentor, and empower women in Brown & Root while providing opportunities for advancement and career growth.  

Our BuildHERs work within our local communities to educate young women about career opportunities in construction and industrial services, while working to destigmatize perceptions surrounding industrial careers. We are proud of the increased enrollment of young women in craft training programs at our partner high schools as a direct result of the BuildHER program’s efforts. 


We are proud to support and employ those that have served our nation in the armed forces.  

Through partnerships with organizations like NextOp, that seeks to build a pipeline of talent from the military to industry, we provide the opportunity for transitioning service members to build a new career.  

By utilizing NCCER’s Hard Hat Heroes program, we are able to assist transitioning service members and veterans in obtaining equivalent construction credentials based on military credentials earned during service.

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Team Member Spotlight

Ruben Toney

The events of September 11, 2001 deeply impacted retired SPC Ruben Toney. Despite having already built a career for himself in construction, at 35 years old, Ruben enlisted in the United States Army as a combat medic. Ruben was deployed to Iraq where he honorably served his country. Following his deployment and military service, he returned to his career in staffing and recruiting in construction. Upon returning to civilian life, Ruben realized how fortunate he was to have a career to return to, while so many military service men and women struggle to transition. In his current role as a Staffing Director, Ruben is committed to supporting veterans in their transition into careers in industry. He believes that veterans bring technical and leadership skills, along with a deep understanding of teamwork, integrity, discipline, and adaptability perfectly suited for careers in construction and industry.

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