Brown & Root’s commitment to sustainability is rooted in collaboration between our customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders. We believe in preserving and respecting the environment by deploying best practices, introducing innovative technologies, and continuous evaluation.  

Energy Transition 

Our mission to “Build the Future” includes ensuring that we build a future that is sustainable for future generations. We are committed to being the premier service provide for clean energy and energy transition facilities and projects including biomass, biogas, biodiesel, hydrogen, ammonia, and lithium.   


A tenet of our ZERO Harm program includes a responsibility to be environmental stewards and avoid introducing harm to the environment. Brown & Root is committed to meeting or exceeding all environmental rules and regulations applicable to our projects.  

We are committed to

Protecting the environment through sound management practices and decisions.

Preventing pollution by product substitution, minimizing waste generation, and minimizing resource consumption.

Establishing and evaluate achievable environmental performance goals, to ensure continuous improvement in the execution of projects.

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