Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a procurement delivery vehicle developed by the Corps of Engineers in 1985 as a way to speed the execution of repair and renovation construction projects, saving clients both time and money. Brown & Root Industrial Services has been one of the country’s premier JOC providers since 1987, serving municipalities, states, K-12 school districts, colleges and universities, airports, and other federal and non-federal government entities across the country.

The JOC contracting strategy bypasses the traditional bid process, in favor of competitively bid, fixed-price, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts based on an anticipated annual volume of work. Customers benefit from a flexible, cost effective, responsive, on-site contractor – without the lengthy contract procurement process and project procurement costs.


    JOC offers many benefits:

    • Shortens project schedules
    • Reduces overall costs
    • Increases emergency response capability
    • Supports local small business
    • Provides incentives for quality performance
    • Provides design/build capability
    • Allows little or no disruption to your internal consumers
    • A single contract to manage, rather than multiple contractors
    • Fosters a long-term partnership that promotes dependability, increases efficiencies, and improves quality.
    • Provides an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method

    Local Business Opportunities

    Brown & Root is sensitive to the opportunities that JOC can bring to the local economy. We subcontract nearly 100% of all work through a pool of pre-qualified local subcontractors. We are committed to hiring small and disadvantaged businesses, and regularly exceed our clients’ Small and DBE Business Goals by five to twenty percent.

    As one of the largest contractors in the country, Brown & Root can leverage our financial strength to help small local businesses participate in your projects. Our financial position also allows us to keep on-site offices running during periods of less activity, so we are always ready when you need us.

    How do you Start a JOC?

    1. Determine Expected Annual Volume
      First, establish how many task orders (between $2,000 and $2,000,000) you realistically expect to execute in one year.
    2. Determine Contract Duration
      The JOC typically has a one- to two-year base term, with options to extend for three or more additional years. This gives the Owner the flexibility to end a contract which is not successful; and the freedom to continue successful contracts without the burden of an annual solicitation/bid process.It is in the long term relationships that the JOC is most successful in reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving overall quality.
    3. Request & Evaluate Proposals
      The Request for Proposal should include the term/length of the contract, the services required and the service area, and the unit price book. Important criteria in contractor selection are the bidder’s past performance on JOC work; bonding capacity; and management plan. Request and contact client references.
    4. Award the Contract
      Upon award, Brown & Root will, where reasonable, establish a local office and staff it with JOC-experienced personnel. Typically our project team is able to begin work immediately on the client’s job orders.

    The JOC Process

    1. Client Identifies Repair or Renovation Task

    You may initiate multiple projects simultaneously, or single assignments through individual on-call work orders.

    3. Client Issues a Lump-Sum, Fixed-Price Job

    Once the scope and budget are agreed, Client issues a lump-sum, fixed price job order and Authorization to Proceed to Brown & Root

    2. Client and Brown & Root Agree on Scope

    After performing a job walk, we develop a complete scope of work and detailed line-item estimate for completing the work order task(s), and present it to the client for approval before work begins. Together we review the estimate and scope and make adjustments, if required, to accommodate the client’s budget, schedule, and goals.

    4. Brown and Root Proceeds with Job

    Work on the task order begins immediately, as we issue tasks to various pre-qualified, local subcontractors.


    The leadership of Brown & Root is committed to the highest level of health, safety and environmental performance.  Our behavior-based safety program is focused on keeping our employees safe 24/7, and has resulted in world class safety performance statistics.


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