Brown & Root’s Asset Management Philosophy for our maintenance business helps ensure that clients optimize value from their maintenance operations.  We have executive level membership in the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP). As part of our growth and expansion initiatives, Brown & Root is currently seeking to expand our reliability service offerings and business lines. We are evaluating potential partnerships or acquisitions of other specialty companies to complement and expand this service offering to our customers.

Our reliability processes and systems are based on decades of experience and current, state-of-the-art technology and training, and our scalable approach allows us to bring the right tools and processes to bear, consistent with client business objectives. We can provide turnkey or collaborative reliability solutions to supplement our core maintenance execution practices.

Our capabilities include:

  • Maintenance assessments & benchmarking
  • Equipment criticality ranking
  • Asset maintenance strategy development
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services
  • Workflow optimization
  • Work sampling, or wrench time studies
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) development
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) facilitation
  • Reliability system modeling




The leadership of Brown & Root is committed to the highest level of health, safety and environmental performance.  Our behavior-based safety program is focused on keeping our employees safe 24/7, and has resulted in world class safety performance statistics.


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