A cooling tower is subjected to some of the most extreme operating conditions of any equipment in use today.  As a result, the need for regular, periodic cooling tower inspections and strong maintenance procedures is even more important for cooling towers than for other plant equipment.

Brown & Root’s Cooling Tower services group has performed tower inspections throughout the United States. Our understanding of cooling towers, water quality and treatment, and our 30+ years’ experience, contribute to the thoroughness and quality of our inspection services.  

We are capable of diagnosing and correcting a wide range of conditions and problems, on a variety of cooling towers – including Wood, Fiberglass, or Concrete; Counterflow or Crossflow  design.

Our Cooling Tower Inspection report includes Photos, Findings and Recommendations, Budgets and Schedules for needed repairs.  We have capabilities and experience in routine maintenance activities for all makes and models of towers, including:

  • Mechanical equipment repair or upgrade
  • Fill system replacement
  • Drift eliminator replacement
  • Fan deck replacement/repair
  • Hot water replacement/repair
  • Hot water basin covers
  • Crossflow/Counterflow distribution system and nozzle
  • Casing and louver replacements
  • Thermal performance upgrades
  • Turnkey refurbishments


The leadership of Brown & Root is committed to the highest level of health, safety and environmental performance.  Our behavior-based safety program is focused on keeping our employees safe 24/7, and has resulted in world class safety performance statistics.


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