At Brown & Root, ZERO HARM means a culture in which we make safety conscious decisions, governed by personal values. We make a personal choice to work safely and to look out for each other in a true interdependent culture. A ZERO HARM culture embraces the courage to care through intervention and engagement in safety related conversations with our peers.

A ZERO HARM culture is one in which all incidents are intolerable and there is a desire and commitment to make sure we do everything in our power to avoid any situation that put our employees, subcontractors or clients at risk.

The Goal of our HSE Program is to ensure a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly workplace for our employees, our clients, subcontractors, and the public. It focuses on three significant messages:


  • A genuine belief that zero is achievable
  • A culture that is intolerable of incidents


  • Safety conscious decisions, all day, every day
  • Self-governance and personal responsibility


  • A genuine willingness to intervene when unsafe acts or conditions are observed.


It is a culture of care and concern for one another. It is a mindset where there is no level of injury that can be tolerated. It is about all of us working safely by personal choice. It is about all of us speaking up and expressing concern when we see things that appear to be unsafe.


The Courage to Care Conversation process is instrumental in developing a continual awareness of unsafe acts through observation – intervention – and conversation. The Courage to Care Conversation process requires observers to take immediate action upon observing unsafe acts – not only to correct the action but to communicate their personal safety standard.

MyKey Stop Work Authority

We also employ the Brown & Root MyKey Stop Work Authority to reinforce the 100% empowerment of all employees, across all levels of the workforce.

Brown & Root projects and offices are required to develop communication strategies that ensure that MyKey is clearly visible and communicated to all personnel

Twelve Best Practices

A Safety Execution Plan is created to provide projects with basic guidelines to assure their compliance in the implementation of the “Twelve Best Practices” as mandated through corporate policy. This will not only provide the prerequisite material to assist in implementation of these Practices to meet regulatory and company requirements, but also provides the ideas and suggestions that are currently being used as effective tools to enhanced safety performance on various ongoing projects.

Total Safety Task Instruction (T.S.T.I.)
TSTI requires that a Hazard Assessment be performed prior to beginning every task, every day:

  • Performed for every task.
  • Performed at the task location.
  • All employees involved with the task are expected to participate in the assessment.
  • Discuss scope of the task.
  • Identify hazards and potential hazards associated with the task.
  • Remove or eliminate hazard(s) prior to beginning work.
  • Company Leadership audits the use of the program and the Assessment Tool, provides mentorship when required.


The Brown & Root Keys to Life program identifies ten “keys” that are considered to be high-risk activities. Specific safety procedures have been created for each of these items. Compliance with those procedures is mandatory, across the company and at all jobsites.


Our Safety Energy program is an index that measures the level of safety initiatives being implemented at the jobsite at any given time. When Safety Energy is high, the number of unsafe incidents is lower. Safety Energy is created through the use of the following initiatives / leading indicators:


  • Total Task Safety Instruction (TSTI)
  • Behavior Based Safety Observations (BBS)
  • Management Safety Walks/Audits
  • Safety Meetings (Toolbox, Mass Safety Meetings, etc.)
  • Training for Affected Employees (Task Specific)
  • Safety Committee Meetings / Safety Leadership Team Meetings
  • Site Orientations
  • Recognition Program Based on Participation in Proactive Measures
  • Employee Safety Suggestions
  • Stop Work Events
  • Ownership, Attendance and Quality of Work


The leadership of Brown & Root is committed to the highest level of health, safety and environmental performance.  Our behavior-based safety program is focused on keeping our employees safe 24/7, and has resulted in world class safety performance statistics.


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