What started as a temp assignment turned into a fulfilling career in Recruiting! We sat down with Jauntelle Ayo to learn more about her career path.

Q: What is your current role at the company?

Jauntelle: I’m a Recruiting Manager, responsible for Brown & Root’s craft recruiting efforts. I manage our Deer Park Recruiting Center, where we recruit, process, and hire employees for projects locally and regionally as we staff projects throughout North America.

Q: How did you begin your career in recruiting?

Jauntelle: In 2005, I began as a temporary employee for a large industrial contractor, handling all receptionist duties and assisting the recruiters as needed.

At the end of the temporary assignment, I was extended an offer to join as a permanent Human Resources Processor.
Over the next few years, my career grew from HR Processor to Recruiter, where I developed many long-lasting relationships with fellow recruiting teammates, employees, and project teams at project sites across the country.

Q: Tell us about your career since you’ve been at Brown & Root?

Jauntelle: In 2015, I joined Brown & Root as one of the first Recruiting Managers out of the Baton Rouge area. As the company added different service lines, there has been a great benefit in our ability to share resources. We have excellent communication between our many project sites and offices.

As my career scope has grown, I’ve been assigned new responsibilities to lead groups of team members. Most recently, I’ve relocated to the Houston area to manage the Deer Park Recruiting Center. I’m enjoying seeing new faces and excited to see the company continue to grow!

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your role?

Jauntelle: We have many dedicated employees – keeping their careers growing and ensuring long-term employment across many different project sites keeps those families prospering, and I find that very fulfilling!

Career Progression Q&A with Jauntelle Ayo