From Mechanical Engineer to Engineering Manager, we sat down with Craig McCleery to learn more about his career progression.

Q: How did you start your career as an engineer?

Craig: After graduating from Mississippi State with my mechanical engineering degree, I worked at an engineering firm in their natural gas measurement shop. I moved within that company to different districts and took on increasing leadership responsibilities. I eventually left that company and was hired by a Brown & Root legacy company as a mechanical engineer.

Q: How did you progress into your current role at Brown & Root?

Craig: Over 17 years ago, I was hired into the Brown & Root legacy organization as a mechanical engineer. I quickly moved into a project engineer role where I was able to leverage my previous knowledge and experience to support engineering projects from start to finish. I advanced within the organization and was promoted to my current role as Engineering Manager this year.

Q: What does your current role entail?

Craig: As the Engineering Manager, I oversee all our engineering services within our EPC business line. I am responsible for ensuring the quality and control of any and all engineering that leaves our office.

Q: What is your biggest piece of career advice?

Craig: I see so many young people get stuck on getting a degree in the exact area that they want to work in for the rest of their life. Choose a degree or area of study that has promise and versatility, then focus on building a career that you can wake up every day excited about. 

Career Progression Q&A with Craig McCleery