Service Lines

Brown & Root’s subsidiary, WINK ENGINEERING, has provided engineering and design services to the refining, chemical/petrochemical, and bulk storage terminal industries, since 1970.Read More
Brown & Root delivers a staff of highly-trained construction professionals, a wealth of knowledge and innovative solutions to every project. Many of our construction professionals have more than 25 years of experience managing complex projects.Read More
For more than sixty years, Brown & Root has provided our clients the BEST in total and supplemental maintenance services, reliability, commissioning, asset management, and supply chain solutions: the best in safety, in quality, reliability, and personnel skills and experience.Read More
Brown & Root’s On-Call Construction group provides on-call, IDIQ services to state and local governmental agencies and educational and healthcare institutions seeking to control the cost and time of routine upgrades, repairs and renovations.These institutions can benefit from Brown & Root’s 28 years of Job Order Contracting experienced for efficient, rapid response solutions.Read More
Our Turnaround Services Division provides the full range of services to industry, in support of plant turnarounds, shutdowns, and emergency outages.Read More
Brown & Root’s subsidiary PETRIN, LLC, provides the full range of Industrial Specialty Services, including insulation, painting, scaffolding, blasting & coating, and related services.Read More
With some of the nation’s foremost experts in Coastal Restoration, Emergency Response and Recovery, and Infrastructure Development, Brown & Root provides turnkey services for major infrastructure projects and Program Management for emergency response and disaster recovery.Read More
Brown & Root is one of the nation’s foremost experts in Disaster Recovery Program Management. Members of our team have experience partnering with governmental entities, local contractors and subject matter experts to develop, manage and deliver disaster recovery programs in the U. S. and internationally, for more than two decades. Read More


CEO Message

“Brown & Root is recognized around the world as a premier service provider in industrial services . We’re proud to build on the gold standard of the Brown & Root legacy, with a reputation for dependability, innovation and reliability since 1919,”

Andy Dupuy , CEO of Brown & Root Industrial Services

Brown & Root History

The early beginnings of Brown & Root date back to 1919 when Dan Root, brother-in-law of Herman Brown financially supported Brown’s road building company named Brown and Root. Herman Brown landed his first road building job in Freestone, Texas, and a few years later, he won contracts to rebuild four Central Texas bridges. The award was the company’s first big break, but also a challenge. The underwater blasting needed to set one of the bridges piers was beyond the expertise of Brown and Root. By enlisting the help of his brother George Brown, who earned his degree in mining from the Colorado School of Mines to lead the project, the issue was resolved and George became a part of the Brown and Root business.

Herman Brown, remembered as a “working man’s man” personally visited job site throughout the year and often spent time with his employees rather than his fellow executives. George Brown was the opposite – a Brown and Root salesman. Negotiating and influencing with his outgoing personality, George’s talents were applied to acquiring new business opportunities. Upon completion of the four-bridge rebuild, they established offices in Houston, Texas and slowly continued to build their business.

Founders George & Herman Brown