Brown & Root Industrial Services, LLC

On July 6, 2015, Brown & Root Industrial Services announced the opening of its headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA. The legacy maintenance organization which had served the industrial sector since the 1950s was once again carrying the Brown & Root brand. “The marketplace’s response to the return of Brown & Root has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Fred McManus, Chief Operating Officer. “We have been blessed with tremendous growth during our first year, and are looking forward to a future of continued expansion and strengthening.”

Industrial Maintenance

The Industrial Maintenance division, based on the legacy KBR Industrial Services Americas organization, has grown at an unprecedented rate. Since our July 2015 start date, the company has been awarded and mobilized to eighteen (18) new, long-term maintenance agreements throughout North America, with seven different companies. This represents an additional 1,600 new, long-term employees, and contract bookings valued at more than $500 Million USD.

During this time Brown & Root also renewed numerous multi-year maintenance contracts with existing customers, representing $120 Million in additional bookings.

“These clients are global leaders in the Chemical, Specialty Chemical, and Refining industries,” said Marcus Deal, President of Maintenance Services. “We are very thankful for our long-term and new client relationships and look forward adding value to their operations.”

“We’re celebrating the success of our Maintenance service line while continuing to develop business and capabilities in Engineering, Construction, Turnaround Services, and Specialty Services,” added McManus, “all with the goal of solidifying our position as the partner of choice for industrial plant services throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.”